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We help companies frustrated with the quantity and quality of traffic on their websites. Many of our clients come to us disappointed in their lack of success despite their best efforts.  If that sounds familiar, we may be able to help. Let's Talk! 

We've been helping all kinds of companies reach the first page of Google for over 17 years.

Many companies we talk to say they know that they need SEO, but most don't know what it is, let alone how to implement it. Over the years, we've seen a lot of agencies take advantage of that. When you hire a company to perform a mysterious service, how do you even know if they are doing the work they say they are? 

Our SEO Services include strategic, honest hard work based on best practices, and they bring results.

To help our clients understand what SEO is, and how to choose the right SEO company, we created the SEO Ultimate Guide, and it's free to all users under our resources tab.

Here's an overview of three major things that significantly affect your website's Search Engine Rankings: 

1. Great Content - It needs to be engaging content that keeps readers on your page (because google measures that), but it also needs to be search engine friendly (think: Thoughtfully strategically chosen page titles, URLs, meta descriptions, optimized images, etc). There's a science to how many h1, h2, h3 tags you include, etc. Another very important element to content is consistently adding ongoing content,  which is why all our SEO Packages include ongoing content being added to your website. 

2. Page Performance & Loading Speed - This is often (as of late) a huge problem with WordPress sites because the themes you choose and the plugins you add will all add more code, and slow down page speed. There are a number of other factors that affect page speed.  

3. Backlinks - When other websites link to you, this says that you are trusted by others and boosts your reputation. 



Our Monthly SEO Packages Include: 

SEO Keyword Monitoring, Keyword Analysis & Keyword Strategy 

We continually monitor keyword search volume and your website's keyword rankings. We will analyze your user behavior to track which keywords they are using, and specifically, which keywords are leading to the best leads. Month after month, we will use this data to inform our SEO content decisions, resulting in a website that grows more and more useful and impactful as a marketing tool as time goes on.

On-Page SEO Monitoring

Core Vitals is a new movement by Google to ensure they send their search traffic to websites with great user experiences (UX). By monitoring and optimizing the following factors, we can achieve - and KEEP - your high-ranking status:

  • Regular Page Speed & Performance Testing using Analytics and Search Console
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Image Optimization
  • Script Minification
  • Backlink Monitoring and Management
  • Keyword Trend Monitoring

On-Page SEO Optimization

Based on Core Vital results, we make improvements to your website to keep it performing well. Improvements may include: Adjusting mobile versions of pages, creating Google Amp pages, improving code, making image adjustments, etc.

  • Linking - We will create links from one page to another. A page targeting a specific keyword should direct to other related blog posts or similar related pages for example. 

  • Meta Descriptions- Meta descriptions are snippets of up to 155 characters, a tag written into the HTML that summarizes the page's content. It's what search engines show in search results. It's one of those tedious little steps that many web developers skip when looking for shortcuts, but it's super important for SEO. Every one of your pages and blog posts will include SEO optimized meta description.

  • Image Descriptions - We will optimize image titles and alt texts for SEO keywords. Each image should have a detailed description as well. (This also provides better content for visually impaired users).

  • Page Titles/ URLs / Page Formatting - Your page title should match your URL and h1 tag, and it should include the specific keyword. This little step makes a huge difference. Including other heading tags throughout the page with similar /related keywords is also important, as well as formatting your content with things like bullet points, numbered lists, blockquotes, etc. whenever possible. We look for every opportunity to utilize these little hacks that go a long way with SEO

  • Page Speed - Frequent performance checks on Google Page Speed Insights tell us how google is measuring your website's speed. We make adjusts to your website's code based on your scores. 

Ongoing New SEO Content

Ongoing new content, either in the form of a new website page or a new blog post is crucial for SEO as frequency and timeliness of content is a significant factors in search engine algorithms. 

As mentioned above, decisions about content topics should be driven by SEO Keyword data benchmarks. All the content we produce will be written from the perspective of your business, as the expert providing friendly advice to those who are searching for it.  It will be written in the correct formality and tone for your target audience. It will also be Search Engine Optimized).

 SEO Pillar Pages

Some of our packages include Quarterly Pillar Page creation. Each Pillar page Includes over 6,000 words of valuable content centered around specific keyword topics, in-depth answers to frequently asked questions surrounding keywords, a custom-made and original infographic, and a basic video to give an extra SEO boost.  See an example of a Pillar Page we created here.

By adding a pillar page quarterly, all of the blog posts that have been published in the previous quarter we will be adding have a larger purpose - to become part of a new Topic Cluster and, ultimately, a link to your Pillar Page(s). Check out our infographic below 


SEO Backlinking through Social Media/ Web Profile Creation

With our SEO Packages, the main purpose of Social Media posts is to create backlinks to your website. Sharing posts that link back to your new content provides you with backlinking and helps boost SEO. We also recommend making sure that you're listed with certain directory and review sites for your industries of specialty. Examples include, clutch, Neilsberg, etc. and we can help with this. 

 SEO Reports

All of our ongoing SEO services include monthly reports that provide updated benchmark data and a list of all the work we completed during the previous month.

Ongoing Consultative Meetings 

While we will continually be in touch with you via email, we also schedule ongoing meetings to go over results, get your feedback, adjust goals as needed, and provide strategic suggestions on the next steps we should take together.


Co-Owner-Nathan-Solla-Recognized-by-SBA-Emerging-Leaders-InitiativeLocated in Fresno, CA  


We are a small, full-service SEO agency offering amazing customer service, and world-class SEO Services at a lower price than the big cities. 




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