Podcasting FAQs

What is podcast marketing?

Podcast marketing is a way to build your brand and audience through audio or video. It is a strategy of tactics designed specifically to grow an audience and awareness of your brand. 

Are podcasts a good form of marketing?

Podcasts are a great form of marketing because they often answer your target audiences’ questions or go over various topics within your industry.

They allow you to tell your story at any time and to captivate your audience this way. They also work to give your brand a sense of authority in your industry.

Why are podcasts so popular?

Podcasts are so popular because they provide an easy way for brands to tell their story while their audience can complete other tasks.

Podcasts can be listened to or watched anywhere, so they make for an easily accessible commodity for your business. 

How do I make my own podcast?

We can help! We offer a podcasting studio that’s suitable for both audio and video podcasting. If you want to make a high-quality podcast, you can contact us to find out more about our studio rentals.

Who is the target audience for podcasts?

The target audience for podcasts will change slightly depending on your business or industry. However, the majority of podcasts consumers are between the ages of 18 and 34 with many people 35 and older starting to slowly turn to podcasting as well.

If you aren’t sure who your target audience is, we can help you determine how to choose your audience and how to market to that audience.

How do I attract people to my podcast?

There are several ways to attract listeners to your podcast:

  • Create a podcast trailer, much like a movie trailer, that highlights what your podcast is about and why your target audience should listen to it.
  • Have calls to action within your podcast. This can be as simple as asking people to subscribe, or you can draw people to your website, have them fill out a form for email marketing, etc.
  • Promote. Promote. Promote. You can’t draw in listeners if they don’t know you exist. Promote your podcast as often as you can throughout your social media channels, in your email marketing, by word of mouth, or any other means of communication with your audience.
  • Have good Podcast SEO, and target specific keywords that your audience is already searching for. Create episode topics around these keywords, and use these keywords when you market your podcast.
  • Invite guests that are leaders in the industry. Although this may be a bit more tough when you are just starting out, you can reach out to other businesses that are non-competitors, or related businesses to guest on your podcast. It also helps if you are a guest on similar podcasts and are allowed the opportunity to promote your own on their show.

What is a podcast strategy?

Podcast strategies work like any other marketing strategy. They are a set of strategies designed to promote both your podcast and business. Different strategies include:

  • Determining which communication channels are best to target for your audience.
  • A publishing plan and a schedule so you know what to post and when to post it.
  • Goal and objective setting using SMART goals.
  • Analyzing your competitors, and determining the best ways to compete.
  • A podcast SEO strategy that includes keyword research to help you reach your target audience.
  • An inbound marketing strategy to help promote your podcast and keep listeners engaged with your content.
Do podcasters make money?

It is possible to make money podcasting. Once you grow your audience, you can get money through ads and sponsorships. Brands will often pay you to feature a short ad for their product or service.

However, sponsorships are a more common way to make money podcasting. Sponsorships often require the podcaster(s) to promote their product at least once, sometimes several times throughout the duration of their show, and they often feature a longer, more detailed ad for the sponsor.