Strategic Branding Services We Offer

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We help you perform market research to see where your audience is at, who your competitors are, and to determine the best plan of action for your brand.
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Creating buyer personas helps see how your target audience might interact with your business and where their challenges might be. We'll create targeted content for your audience based on the buyer personas we create.

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When you map your customer's journey on your website, you can see every interaction they have with your brand. Then we can help you create a marketing plan based around where on your customer's journey you can encourage the most conversions.

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We'll create your brand based on the story you want to tell. By following the StoryBrand Framework, we'll strategize where your customer's needs aren't being met, and craft your brand based on those needs.
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Every brand has a message they want to share with the world. We'll help you craft your brand's unique message and tailor it to your vision and goals.

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We'll make a marketing plan that's dedicated to getting your brand's name out there. We'll figure out what we need to do to make sure your brand is seen by your intended audience.

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With most things being digital nowadays, we'll also focus on your inbound marketing plan. We'll keep you connected with your customers and keep your brand active online.
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We'll set up your drip campaigns, which means your customers will hear from you at every step of their journey. Through email marketing automations, we can make staying in touch with your audience easy.

Creating Measurable Results for Our Clients


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Our Clients Say

WorldLight Media has designed and developed dozens of websites through the years. See what our clients say about us.

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WorldLight Media is an excellent, collaborative web marketing team. They helped us focus our marketing goals and gave us the perspective we needed to ensure our precious marketing dollars were well spent. You'll be in good hands with Jenni, Nathan and Kate at Worldlight Media!
Ashley Emerzian
Emerzian Shankar Legal, Inc
First of all, WorldLight made me feel as if I were their only client. They were attentive, patient, professional and strategic to the end of the project. Because of this, we have asked them to further support us. The quality of work they delivered was exceptional - if there was an error, they attended to it immediately and fixed it without delay. This is actually one of the best agencies I've worked with in my career. I appreciated their recommendations and treating me as if we were part of the team -- this was in no way the typical client/agency agency. This was so much more. Jenni and Nathan are true professionals. Great client experience! Thank you!
Sherri Hughes, Chief Marketing Officer
Whitcomb Selinsky, PC
Hands down WorldLight Media is the best marketing company we’ve ever worked with. They have done an excellent job designing our website, logo, brochures, and business cards. As a small company, we get asked all the time if we are part of a franchise or a huge company due to the quality of their work. We recommend them regularly.
Andrew Walter, Owner
Sound Finish
Mark Broughton Logo-Horizontal 800
You guys are great and have taken care of my website and media for several years now. Very happy with the service you provide!
Mark Broughton, PC
Fresno Criminal Lawyer
For over a decade I’ve trusted WorldLight Media to create dozens of web design and graphic design projects for our business. They have consistently produced outstanding marketing materials that attract customers. I can count on them to meet deadlines and they are a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend their services.
Corey Smith, Owner
Classic Insulation & Pest Control
WorldLight Media has been an excellent team to work with. We are currently working to revamp our website and they have been spot on in bringing our vision to life. Professional, knowledgeable and fun!
Krista Beavers
Guardian Accounting, Inc

Strategic Branding FAQs

What is brand strategy?
Brand strategy is a brand’s approach to how they want to be viewed by their target audience. It is how a brand builds credibility and identification in the market and with potential customers. Brand strategy includes things such as the brand’s voice, values, storytelling, identity, and overall perception.
Why is strategic branding important?
It’s always good to have a plan! Strategic branding is important for conveying to the world who your brand is and what it’s values are. Strategic branding helps you build a results that can be repeated over time, and it strengthens your connection with your audience. Strategic branding solidifies the identity that your brand has among your target audience.
What makes a good brand strategy?
There are a lot of factors that go into brand strategy. However, a good brand strategy can be broken down into being well-crafted, considering all angles within your market, finding your niche, considering your customers, and considering your competitors. Figure out what makes you different than the rest and focus your marketing around it.
What are the 7 branding strategies?
  1. Purpose
  2. What makes you different from your competitors? Purpose is more than you company’s goal in the industry, it’s what makes you stand out against the rest.
  3. Consistency
  4. Consistency means aligning the content your brand produces with the goals and objectives of your brand. In other words, unless your brand has something to do with animals, you probably shouldn’t be sharing that video of a cute puppy on your company’s Facebook page.
  5. Emotion
  6. Speak to your customer’s emotions. Humans aren’t robots. We have feelings and values, and we naturally are more inclined to support companies who have values aligning with ours or who elicit certain emotional reactions from us.
  7. Flexibility
  8. See above: Humans aren’t robots. Things happen, and that’s okay! Even if things come up that change your course of action a little, it’s not the end of the world. You can still be flexible while remaining consistent with your business.
  9. Employee Involvement
  10. Your employees are a huge part of your company. Get them involved in your brand by training them how to interact with your customers and how to represent your brand in a way that resonates with your brand’s values.
  11. Loyalty
  12. Loyalty should be rewarded. Creating a loyal customer base is crucial for any business that wants to last. Think of ways you can reward your customers for being loyal. It can be a simple appreciation email, or even a discount on their next purchase. Many companies also have brand ambassador programs that allow their customers to represent their brand at a discounted price or earn rewards when others use their ambassador code to purchase items.
  13. Competitive Awareness
  14. Keep your friends close and your competitors closer. Your competition should always be on your radar. Study them closely to see what works for them and what doesn’t. Although learning from our own trials and errors is always important, you can sometimes avoid that process by learning from the trials and errors of your competitors.
What are the benefits of brand strategy?
There are many benefits of having a brand strategy. The biggest benefits are that you get a brand that cultivates a stronger brand culture, and you get a company that becomes easily identified in your target market. Other benefits include having a direction when it comes to marketing your brand, being able to stand out from your competitors, and staying ahead of the game in your market.