Our Web Design Process 

Wondering what it looks like to work with WorldLight Media on a Web Design Project? Our process has been meticulously fine-tuned over the last 17 years. Our goal is to deliver best practices, and quality work that gets results all while providing great communication and building a long-term relationship with you in the process. Here is everything you need to know about our award-winning web design process!

We start each project with a kick-off meeting discussing the goals of the project. 
The strategy phase is where we come up with a plan on how to achieve your web design goals.
We focus on the look and feel of the website and provide you with a mockup of the home page.
In the development phase, we build out all the pages of your website over the course of 2-6 weeks.
You get to see the website and give us your feedback. We'll make the necessary changes and go into the launch phase.
We'll work with you on a day and time to launch your site and do any necessary additional testing.

1. Kick-Off Phase

Kick Off Meeting

We kick our projects off with a meeting with key stakeholders in the project. This includes anyone from your organization who will be involved in decision-making and collaboration and the Project Manager(s) from our team assigned to your project. The meeting typically takes about an hour. During that time, we will review the overall goals of your project, and finalize the timeline of your project and key milestones. We will discuss how we plan to work together moving forward, and preferred communication methods.


Project Transparency

We believe that communication is key to a successful project. We don’t ever want our clients to wonder what if anything is being done on their project. For this reason, during the kick-off stage, we provide our clients access to a project management dashboard. The dashboard shows all the steps that need to be taken to complete the project. You will be able to see:

  • who is working on your project
  • what has been completed
  • what still needs to be done on your project in real-time. 
  • In the dashboard, you can collaborate and send messages to your project team. 

Information Gathering

The final step in the Kick-Off Stage is information gathering. This is a process that requires efforts by both your company and WorldLight Media. There may be key pieces of information we need from you to keep your project moving forward. That information could include things like: 

  • Access to Google Analytics
  • Access to your current website
  • Key decisions to be made
  • Content from you (if you’ve opted to write it yourself)
  • Original Photography from you (if you’ve opted to have it)

We will provide you with a checklist of all the things we need and a timeline of when we need them by in order to keep the project on schedule.

2. Strategy Phase

The Strategy Phase is foundational to making sure your website hits the mark based on your goals. Below is a list of some of the strategies we create. They may vary depending on what website package you’ve chosen and what your goals are.

SEO Keyword Planning

If one of the goals you’ve established is to rank highly for SEO, then our team will research data and compile a strategy for SEO. Some of the things we look at are your site's current rankings, Common SEO Keyword Terms for your target market, and competitors' rankings. Understanding what keywords we need to target will drive what type of content we recommend producing.


StoryBrand Messaging

If you’ve selected StoryBrand Messaging, as part of your website design package, then completing your storybrand messaging will be a high priority to complete, because the messaging will drive the entire design and content of the website. Our process requires a Storybrand Interview meeting with our entire creative team and your key stakeholders who understand your ideal customer. Next, we conduct some market research, and then our team has another meeting where we craft the messaging. We then present it to you for approval and sign-off.


CTA's & Lead Magnets

If you’re looking to generate and nurture leads through your website then CTAs (Calls To Action) is of the utmost importance. We help you decide what the next steps should be, and how to best word those CTAs We make sure we know what steps your web visitors should take before we begin designing the website. 

If you’ve opted in for a Lead Magnet Package, This is when we will decide what your lead magnet content should be and begin creating the content for your review.


Website Navigation

We will present you with the proposed website navigation, also called a sitemap. This is how all the different pages of the website will be organized. We believe navigation is very important to the user experience and we put a lot of thought into what is most intuitive to your website visitors. We will present the navigation for your approval and welcome your feedback.


Wire Frames

Once we’ve determined all the above items, Wireframes will be designed and presented for your sign-off. Wireframes are a sort of blueprint of the framework for your home page and subpages. The main purpose of the wireframe is to establish what the user experience will be like, and the way that information on the website will be presented. 


3. Design Phase

After Wireframes are approved comes the fun part. This is when your new website will begin to visually take shape. During the design phase, we focus on the look and feel of the website. This includes: 

  • Graphics & Photos
  • Colors
  • Fonts

Home Page & Interior Page Mockup

Home Page & Interior Page Mockup

We will present you with a few static images of what your new website's Home Page and Interior page will look like. Some of these images could be changed during the development phase, and some of the wording and features may change wherever we find opportunities to improve them further, but for the most part, the mockup is how the front page of the website will look.


You will have the opportunity to provide us with your feedback, and once the home page design is approved, we will begin building out your website on our private development server.



4. Development Phase

Once the design is approved, we begin the work of building out your website. This is typically done on our private development server. Depending on the size of your website project, the process takes anywhere from two- six weeks to complete. The process can take longer if we don’t have all the items that we need from you. 

Once the beta site is about 95% complete, we will send you a link to the private site, along with a username and password to access it. That will move us into the Beta testing phase, where you will be able to review all of the pages and request revisions.

5. Beta-Testing Phase

During the Beta Testing phase, your company will review each page of the website, the content, and the functionality and make sure that it works as agreed during the strategy and design phase. You will have the opportunity to request revisions and make minor content changes. Once revisions are made, and your company gives the sign-off, we launch the site!

6. Launch

Now your website is ready for the world to see! We will decide on a specific day and time for the site to go live. We will coordinate with you on the details of the launch. Make sure you have access to the login information for the Domain Name registrar because that will be the most important part of making the site go live. 

During the launch, we retest all the contact forms and create any 301 redirects so that there are no broken links to your site (Very important for SEO)!


7. Drive Traffic

Now that your website is live, it’s important to get people to it. We can help you create a strategy to do this, and will discuss next steps with you! 

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