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Having calls to action — CTAs — that get clicks is critical in any of your digital marketing as they often have the most immediate impact on your bottom line.

It’s been said that “nothing happens until somebody sells something.” We invite you to consider that it is also true that nothing happens until somebody takes action. 

And it’s the job of your digital marketing to make it easy for your prospects and customers to understand and take the action you want them to take in moving forward in the sales process.

More specifically, it’s the job of your CTAs to direct your prospects and customers to take action. 

CTAs are about Taking Action

To clarify even further, the action you want them to take in relation to your digital marketing is to click on something. But a good CTA is more descriptive — more compelling — than just saying “Click Here.”

For example, if you’re selling something online, you want them to click on a button to “Add to Cart” or to “Buy Now.”

If you provide a service, you may want them to click on a button to “Explore Options” or “Schedule an Appointment.”

If you’re promoting an event, you may want them to “Save My Spot” or “Get Tickets.”

CTAs that get clicks use active verbs (add, buy, explore, schedule, save, get, etc.) related to what you want the reader to do … what they want to do based on what you’ve presented to them.

Think of your CTA as completing this thought that is in the reader’s mind: “I want to ___.”

CTAs that Get Clicks are Clear

Your CTA button text must make it clear to the reader what they’re doing by clicking it. A confused mind does nothing, but a clear CTA can create certainty for your reader in knowing their next step.

For example, if you offer a free trial, “Try it for Free” is clear and compelling. If it’s a 30-day free trial, “Start 30-Day Free Trial” is even more clear and specific.

Context is Important

CTAs like “Get Started” or “Request a Demo” may seem boring, but they may be completely appropriate if the context has gotten the reader excited for that specific action by talking about the demo that is being requested or what exactly they’re getting started with.

CTAs don’t exist in a vacuum. They’re most effective when they work naturally with the other content on the page.

The Focus Must be on the Customer

The CTAs that get the most clicks are those that are focused on the reader and relevant to what the reader wants. A good test for this is the “I want to ___” tip mentioned above. If you can imagine the reader saying “I want to ___” with your CTA inserted into the blank, so can they.

There is Such a Thing as Being Too Creative

While creativity is good, it’s not when it comes at the expense of being clear in a CTA. In some cases, it can fit a brand or a certain scenario to be clever or witty. But remember that the CTA’s job is to get the reader to click, not to show off how smart or creative you are.

Clear and simple wins the click over clever and witty almost every time.

Color is Important, Too

The best CTAs that get clicks stand out on the page. They’re bright, bold, and colorful. A good color choice is often a color that isn’t used much — or at all — for anything else in the design of the page.


The only way to discover the CTAs that get your specific prospects and customers to click more often is to test different words, colors, and even placement on the page. What works for one company’s audience may not get you the same results.

So you must test different variables, pay attention to your metrics, and adjust accordingly.

Examples of CTAs that Get Clicks

We’ve used some of these examples above, but here’s a non-exhaustive list of a few CTAs to consider using:

  • Add to Cart
  • Buy Now
  • Shop Now
  • Explore Options
  • Discover
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Book an Appointment
  • Save My Spot
  • Get Tickets
  • Try It For Free
  • Start 30-Day Free Trial
  • Get Started
  • Request a Demo
  • View Demo
  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe
  • Activate My Subscription
  • Learn More
  • Join
  • Claim
  • Continue

We’re Here to Help You Craft CTAs that Get You Clicks

It’s critical to your success that you get your CTAs right, and we’re here to help you do so.

If you want to learn more about just how we’ve helped our clients make their CTAs as effective as possible in measurable, results-driven ways, let’s talk!

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