What is StoryBrand Messaging?

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Did you know you have less than seven seconds to make a good impression on your prospect from the first moment they arrive at your website? Within those first seven seconds, you must convey, with absolute clarity, these three things:

  1. what you're offering
  2. why your potential customer should care
  3. what they need to do to buy it

A common mistake many companies make in their brand messaging strategy is assuming that consumers care a lot about who you are, how long you've been in business, and why you're so great. We often focus too much on ourselves, when the focus should really be making it all about your potential customer.

StoryBrand messaging 


Based on the book by Donald Miller, StoryBrand Messaging uses a seven-step framework to craft a brand messaging script that includes a one-liner, a call to action, some empathy statements, and more. 

The framework molds your brand message into a story. Why? Because human beings are wired for stories.

We all love a good story right? Every great story has a hero who faces a challenge. Along the way, they find people who help them navigate that challenge (the guide). That challenge they face typically crescendos to a moment where they face the possibility of victory or failure. This is where we root for the hero to win. In every great story, the hero wins with the help of their guide 

Make your customer the hero. 


storybrandYou're not the hero. You're the guide! You exist to help your customers navigate their problem. If you can help them solve their problem, you will help them have victory over their problem in the story.

Think of yourself as Yoda. You know the ways of the force. Your customer is Luke Skywalker and he's got what it takes to win, but he needs someone to help show him the ropes. 

Storybrand Messaging is a valuable step in any great inbound marketing strategy. It's a great way to create engagement to create engagement. It's a great tool to use when crafting CTAs (Calls To Action), which are a fundamental part of any lead conversion website. 

This is a valuable step in the web design and brand message process, and we recommend that this step is completed before a website is designed or built because once created, your StoryBrand will provide the framework for all communication on your website, and can be used across all your digital marketing, print marketing, and social media messaging channels.



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