How to Market Your Business on Twitter

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500 million tweets are posted every single day on Twitter. This app is very fast-paced & to stay relevant you have to be a part of the community.

Is Twitter the right fit to market your business?

Are you looking for a platform that provides direct access to have discussions with your customers & fans? 

Are you looking for an app where you can share live updates about your business, but still post funny memes relating to your business that gives insights on struggles you may face?

Twitter’s primary audience is in the 25-34 age range (38.5%)

There are 356 million active users on the app & 56.4% of those users are men. 

Major League Baseball, Innocent drinks, and JetBlue are all very successful on Twitter because they are allowing their fans & customers to see the authentic human side of their company. One key factor to their success is the commitment to responding to everyone who replies to their tweets. 

Table of Contents

  1. How to Market your Business on Twitter
    1. Create a Professional Account
    2. Optimize your Profile Page
    3. Create and Utilize Twitter Lists
    4. Create Attention-Grabbing Content
    5. Start a Newsletter on Twitter
    6. Experiment & utilize Twitter Ads
    7. Use Twitter Analytics to your Advantage
    8. Reduce your Response Time
    9. Use Twitter Space
    10. Create a Consistent Schedule 
  2. Final Words
  3. We're Here to Help

How to Market your Business on Twitter

Create/Switch to a Professional Account

The benefits of having a Professional Account are the following:

  • Professional Category: this works as an indicator to show what type of professional you are(it's optional to show on your profile)
  • Professional Profile Spotlight: this allows you to showcase key information about your business or brand in a designated area on your Twitter profile
  • Twitter Shopping
  • Quick Promote

A Professional Profile will help you to have a unique and clearly defined presence on Twitter. In other words, it will separate your profile from general users on the app.

Optimize your Profile Page

1st impressions are crucial to generating leads. Here are some quick effective ways to optimize your profile page to start building those relationships.

  • Create a clear & easy to remember Twitter handle
  • Strong profile Photo that identifies your company
  • Choose a quality Twitter Header. Select an image that represents your brand message
    • Optimal dimensions for header are 1500px by 500px, which has an aspect ratio of 3:1
  • Brief Bio explaining who you are. Keep it professional, but make it personable
    • Don’t forget to include keywords, so people can search you up
    • Include your Website URL
    • 140 characters Limit

Create & Utilize Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists can be used to organize information, categorize people by different types of hobbies, and meet new people with similar interests or who are interested in your region. 

You can make these lists yourself or search for hashtags you want, and put them in a spreadsheet to check in on. 

When creating lists you can make them private or public. Only the creator has access to the private lists. 

  •  Create Public lists & add people/businesses with the same interests as you to gain more followers & draw more attention to your profile
    • Adding accounts to a public list notifies them by Twitter that they have been added to a list. This can make them feel noticed
  • Create Private lists to do market research on your target audiences & competitors' open lists to attract new customers & members to your lists


Create Attention-Grabbing Content

You have 280 characters available for use in a tweet. Using all 280 characters isn’t necessary. 

If you can get your message across with fewer characters then use less of them. It leaves room to include hashtags to get your content put in front of the right audience.

  • Use multimedia content in your tweets
    • It has the potential to generate a long time spent on the content that you publish.
    • Visuals on Twitter have a significantly better reach than using words only.
    • More likely to be retweeted by a user.
    • Add a photo to go along with your tweet.
    • Instead of typing it out in a tweet, add a video to show some faces behind the business.
  • Use Interactive Formatting
    • Polls
    • Trivia
    • Giveaways.

Start a Newsletter on Twitter

Twitter Recently acquired Revue, a service that makes it free and easy to start newsletters.  

  • You can compose and schedule newsletters, import email lists, analyze engagement and earn money from paid subscribers
  • It's easy for your followers to subscribe to your Revue newsletter directly from your Tweets and Twitter profile too
  • Your followers will only be able to subscribe to the free version of your Revue newsletter from your Twitter profile
    • After they subscribe, they can upgrade by clicking ‘Become a member’ in the confirmation email they’ll receive
    • One key thing to remember about Revue, they take a 5% commission from your paid newsletter revenues
  • Owning a list of potential leads that you have built through revue & Twitter could be game-changing because you can take that audience with you to your other email campaigns that you might run
Twitter Newsletter Example - Marketing Tips

Experiment & Utilize Twitter Ads

Like every media platform, paid ads are an option you'll likely want to explore. Twitter has a unique set of paid advertising options to get you in front of your target audience. 

Here are the different ads you can run.

  • Carousel ads
    • Carousel Ads on Twitter help marketers reach new audiences and drive people to their website or app through multiple images or videos — all within a single ad
  • Takeover ads
    • Puts your brand at the top of the conversation as the 1st ad of the day
    • Outs your ad alongside what's trending & adds an immersive creative to your message 
    • Timeline Takeover
    • Trend Takeover
  • Twitter Amplify
    • Amplify campaigns help you build brand relevance and align with consumers' interests while providing customizations and integrated brand safety measures along the way.
  • Video Advertising
    • The world is gravitating towards video. Using the video ad format can make your message more memorable and easy to connect with your intended audience.

Utilize Twitter Analytics to your Advantage

Any business whose mission is to build a following on Twitter should be checking its analytics weekly. Make sure to be allocating time to check:

  • Profile visits
  • Who has mentioned you
  • Tweet Impressions
    • Did you tweet more last month? That could be a huge reason why your tweets overall are receiving more impressions
    • Were the impressions low last month? Check where your high months were at & try to create a strategy to see if you can recreate those higher impression numbers
  • Tweet engagement and engagement rate
    • Are your tweets with just words performing poorly? Studies do show that when adding a photo/video; users are more likely to engage with that piece of content
  • Top Tweets
    • Check to see what they have in common
  • Conversion Tracking
    • According to Twitter, “If a follower engages with one of your ads on Twitter on their mobile, and then uses their laptop to convert, or buy your product, conversion tracking will correctly attribute this to your Twitter ad.”

Reduce your response time

People come to Twitter to engage, have conversations & even have group discussions in threads.

Make a priority to respond quickly to your customers. They will notice & be grateful for your amazing customer service.

Use Twitter Spaces

The world is only moving more & more towards Virtual seminars & meetings. 

This is your chance to connect with your customers and/or other experts in your industry to have discussions about anything from struggles in the industry to give a background about yourself and the business.

  • Start with ideas that include Q&As, interviews with celebrities or influencers, and a sneak peek of new content
  • Invite creators, influencers, activists, and educators to host meaningful, topical conversations
  • Find a way to convey your message to nurture deeper emotional connections
  • Connect during cultural moments
  • Make sure the space is safe
    • When you host a Space, you control who can speak and when. If needed, you can mute, remove, report, or block participants
  • Schedule your space in advance
    • and remind your attendees that your Space is happening with push and in-app notifications
    • you can also promote the link to that upcoming Space via your image card in a Promoted Tweet
    • You can also share your Space details directly with your Home Timeline. Once your Space begins, a “Live Now” card will generate and can also be promoted and sharedTwitter Space Example

Create a consistent schedule

This is important on every platform. Creating & sticking to a schedule is crucial to growing & building your target audience.

If you show up every day at the same time, it creates anticipation in your followers because they could potentially be waiting for your 9 AM Post. 

  • It's better to Post 1 time a day. Vs posting 5 on Monday, June 1st, and not posting again until June 10th
  • Create a schedule where you post at optimal times. This is where checking your analytics is key. You need to know when your audience is most active on Twitter
  • Make a goal for yourself to post a set number of times a day & stick to it for a month 
    • Examine how “2” times a day is performing. Ask yourself can I sustain posting 3 times a day? Ask yourself will posting more give my tweets a higher chance to receive more impressions, click-throughs, or leads?

Final Words

Twitter is a high-paced app that requires time and effort spent on it to stay relevant & engaged with the users on the platform. 

Humans want to have emotional connections with people & letting them have that access to you could be impactful on them & your business.

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