When I Grow Up

About the project

Global Non-Profit, When I Grow Up (WIGU), called on Worldlight Media for Website Design.

Since most users entered WIGU’s website using a mobile phone, WIGU needed a Mobile-First Design . They also needed a way to accept online donations. WIGU also needed to build their brand through a strong online presence so they could both explain what they do and keep investors informed with regular updates.

Worldlight Media both designed and develped a brand new website for WIGU. The new website communicates WIGU’s value, provides continual updates, and promotes their annual fundraising events.


From the beginning, When I Grow Up (WIGU) let their mission become informed by the wisdom of people living among the neediest children. Why? Because they want to ensure they remain servants. Not saviors.

Essentially When I Grow Up provides resources to partners.

  • Money
  • Leadership support
  • Friendship

They stand alongside effective local leaders. And they help those leaders do what they are uniquely positioned to do. In ways WIGU could never do.

All of their programming is a partnership between friends helping children in various countries and all those who contribute to WIGU.

They are comprised of people from varied backgrounds and ethnicities who see our world as flat. When I Grow Up considers that their neighbor is not just across the street, but across the ocean.

WIGU lives in a global village. No one can be ignored; no one is beyond reach.

As a non-profit charity WIGU works to give people an opportunity to help the most vulnerable in society – children, especially poor and orphaned children.

Through effective global partnerships WIGU opened up effective channels for people in the Western world. To be able to both directly give and serve hundreds of hurting and helpless children around the globe. Children who are now no longer beyond reach.

By documenting stories, WIGU hopes to not only educate but also inspire people to go beyond themselves to help others.

Utilizing both partnerships and the resources with which they’ve been entrusted,  WIGU strives to improve the quality of life for children. And help them go after their dreams.

When I Grow Up
WIGU Full Page Mockup