Endurance with Dave Dravecky

About the project

Global Non-Profit Endurance with Dave Dravecky reached out to Worldlight Media for a new Website Design. They needed a Mobile First Design. Because most users enter their site using a mobile phone. Endurance also needed a place to accept online donations. Plus, they wanted to explain more about what they do. Finally, Endurance found it important to both provide regular updates and promote annual fundraising events.

So, Worldlight built them a site primarily for those purposes. A Mobile First Design was created so users can have the best online experience. Worldlight also added an online donations section, critical to the success of Endurance. Story branding gave Endurance what they needed to both expand their reach and communicate their value. Additionally, they now have what they need to keep stakeholders and the general public informed about events and Endurance updates.


About Endurance with Jan and Dave Dravecky

If you suffer from either cancer, depression, grief, loss or chronic pain, then please know there’s still hope. Jan and Dave Drevecky assure you. In fact, they have been where you are. They have asked the same questions. And they have come out on the other side.

Dave Dravecky is a former Major League baseball player for the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants. While cancer interrupted his baseball career, he made a comeback. But eventually lost his left arm and shoulder to amputation. Dave is also a motivational speaker and a powerful author.

You’ll find freedom and words of endurance when you receive both the support and resources the Drevecky’s provide.

  • Discover encouragement and endurance through both grief and loss so you can make it through one of the worst times of your life.
  • Rediscover joy when either you or your loved one’s experience pain. And remember why life is worth living.
  • Bounce back from your battle with depression so you can truly enjoy time with both your family and friends, again.

Visit the Devecky’s site for a free gift to encourage your comeback from illness, loss or depression.

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