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About the project
Company Overview

Custom Chemical Formulators provides contract manufacturing, chemical formulation, and white label packaging services to both product manufacturers and distributors.They provide many Mid-Western and East Coast companies the advantage of transportation cost savings, reduced finished goods inventory levels, and better service to their western US and international customer base. Additionally, they offer many local companies the benefit of a large scale production facility without the capital investment required to manufacture products on their own.


Before reaching out to Worldlight Media, Custom Chemical Formulators had an outdated website that was not generating the business they deserved. They also had an outdated logo.

Needs Identified:  

Custom Chemical Formulators needed Lead Generation so they could both increase brand awareness and increase sales. Plus, they needed to focus on results and target specific customers.

Work Performed: 

Worldlight Media designed and created a new logo for them. Worldlight also developed new branding, complete with a Story Branding Script. The team at Worldlight both designed and developed a new website for Custom Chemical Formulators and created a PDF freebie that is sure to attract their ideal client. Finally, Drip Campaign Email was set up by Worldlight to solve the Lead Generation need.

Solutions Created: 

Overall, Worldlight Media improved Brand Imaging and Brand Messaging for Custom Chemical Formulators. With their Lead Generation Website, Custom Chem is set up for success. Not only now but also into the future.

CCFI Branding

Custom Chemical Formulators Designs Solutions for You

Since 1964, Custom Chemical Formulators, Inc. has provided contract manufacturing , private labeling and custom product development worldwide. Their commitment to service, reliability and quality has ensured service success.

Custom Chemical’s expert team of chemists designs solutions for you.

Stop siphoning your bottom line and capitalize on a ROI so you can deliver your products to more people in less time.

Forget large inventory levels that produce greater overhead and maximize a reduced finished goods inventory level that well serves both you and your customers.

Reinvent your priorities to align with Custom Chemical Formulators and experience the safety, quality and productivity your company needs to move forward.

CCFI is a family-owned company, serving the Industrial, Institutional, Janitorial, Healthcare and Foodservice Industries for over 50 years.

CCFI Business Cards.
CCFI Homepage Mockup.
CCFI Homepage Mockup.
CCFI promotional booklet.