Intelliwave Technologies

About the project

Intelliwave Technologies needed a niche-specific website design that worked for their specific needs. They needed to outline the specifications of their software and the features and benefits Intelliwave software provides to customers.

So, Worldlight Media built Intelliwave a website. One that explains how their software works, particularly it’s benefits.

Markedly, Intelliwave’s website connects the company with people who actually need their product.

About Intelliwave Technologies

Intelliwave Technologies provides both Web-based and Mobile Construction Software. That is, software that helps track the most important things. For example: materials, people, and equipment for global, Fortune 500 Companies.

Intelliwave Technologies’ SiteSense® products are both global and award-winning. They offer both Web-based and Mobile-based software solutions.

They both identify and track construction materials, equipment, and workforce on all sizes of industrial, civil, and buildings projects.

SiteSense® barcode, RFID, and GPS sensors partner with SiteSense® software solutions. Furthermore, this partnership allows enhanced item identification. What’s more, they provide tracking automation that delivers unprecedented visibility. The results? Both predictable construction schedules and costs.

Benefits of Intelliwave Technologies

Reduce both lost and reordered materials by 80%.

Locate materials in the field ten times faster.

Stay on track when you plan and construct based on actual availability.

Experience a 10% increase in craft labor time on tools.

Work with an award-winning team. Most compelling evidence: Intelliwave received a Connected World Award. Plus, they were recognized among Constructech Top Products. And they received a CIOReview Top 20 Award.

They offer project evaluations so you can find out more about why companies choose Intelliwave Technologies.

With Intelliwave, you get total project visibility.

Site Materials Management allows accurate material location. Receive real-time updates on inventory levels.

Plus, easily manage, control, and track construction materials right from your fingertips.

Workface Planning increases productivity, and it allows you to stay on schedule.

Easily forecast, schedule, and execute work plans right from your fingertips.

Workforce Tracking helps you keep track of late arrivals. Plus, you can account for workers on each project’s site.

Easily check workers onto project sites, verify certifications, and know everyone is safe right from your fingertips.

Equipment Management allows you to find equipment quickly. Plus, it will help you decommission underutilized equipment.

Easily locate, manage, and maintain construction equipment, tools and assets right from your fingertips.

Intelliwave Technologies