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HubSpot Specialist - Job Opening

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WorldLight media seeks to hire a HubSpot Specialist, who will support the inbound marketing team by executing client marketing and sales enablement activities within HubSpot CRM, Marketing, Sales, CMS, and Service Hubs.

This job requires working on-site at our Fresno Office 100% of the time during the first 90 days of employment, and 50% of the time after the first 90 days. 

The primary function of this position is to act on behalf of WLM as a HubSpot expert. The chosen candidate will identify clients’ business objectives, challenges, and success KPIs. Using best practices, they will implement strategies within HubSpot to meet client goals while providing the client with tools for continued success.

HubSpot Specialist - Job Description 


Responsibilities Include: 

  • Working directly with clients and WLM Team to build & execute inbound campaigns 
  • Working directly with clients and WLM Team to onboard clients to HubSpot 
  • Provide HubSpot training directly to clients via zoom and in person
  • Perform HubSpot Audits & Clean up for clients
  • Creating Landing Pages based on wireframes / predetermined designs in HubSpot CMS
  • Creating marketing campaigns within HubSpot
  • Email marketing campaign execution
  • Marketing segmentation, creating buyer personas, buyer journeys, lead scoring, etc.
  • SEO work within Hubspot 
  • Running Ads within HubSpot, including A/B Split tests & CRO
  • Executing Social Media content within HubSpot
  • Building and Executing Google Ads Campaigns
  • Creating Knowledge Bases
  • Building Chatbots 
  • Create and maintain documentation on processes, policies, configuration, and user guides


Minimum Requirements:

  • 1-2 Years of experience using all of HubSpot Hubs in a business setting 



  • HubSpot Certifications in:
    • Inbound
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Marketing Software
    • Sales Software
    • Service Software
    • CMS 
    • Email Marketing 
    • Social Media


Preferred Skills: 

  • Strong problem-solving skills 
  • Highly organized with excellent time management skills and a • Task Completing Mindset 
  • High EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Superior written and verbal communications skills, coupled with highly developed interpersonal skills and presentation skills 
  • Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills 
  • Positive, upbeat attitude 
  • Excellent speed around computers Bonus
  • Basic Knowledge of SEO 
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML & CSS 
  • Broad understanding of Digital Marketing


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