6 signs that your sales funnel is broken

Is marketing your blind spot? Maybe you've tried marketing before and you feel like it did not produce any return on your investment, and you are not really sure how to fix it. We totally understand. The problem is, marketing can cost you far more if you don't do it right, not just in misappropriated expenditures, but also in lost opportunities and sales. Your company and customers deserve better.
Do a quick check to see if your business suffers from one or more of these red flags:

Competitors are getting all the business

When your marketing fails, your customers are forced to buy an inferior product from your competitors because you didn’t have a sales funnel in place to captivate them.

Not Enough Leads/Bad Leads

Your marketing system should be producing a steady stream of qualified leads to fuel your business growth.

Marketing isn't working

You will know if your marketing system is working correctly because you’ll feel like you have a machine that prints money for your business.

Costs you too much time or money

Does marketing feel like it costs more money than it generates? This is a red flag signaling that your marketing system is broken.

Missed Opportunities

If you have been struggling to sell your company or attract great performers, a key factor could be your marketing. Nothing repels investors and talent like bad marketing.

Sluggish Sales / Poor Cash Flow

Does your sales team feel like it’s too hard to close deals? Your marketing system should make closing the sale feel too easy. More sales means more fuel to grow your business and more cash in your pocket.

We can solve these problems for you

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Our Simple Process

1. Understand your Business

We first conduct a thorough analysis of your business to understand how it works and how it makes money.

2. Create the New Marketing System

Next we create a strategy to increase your revenue and get to work building your sales funnel.

3. Maximize your Profits

Once the system is built, we closely monitor your sales data to ensure that the machine is running as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

5 Ways We Can Help

Build Profitable Sales Funnels

One of the ways we help you grow your business is by building you a profitable sales funnel. Having a well designed sales funnel in place is a market-tested, proven way to grow any organization. Once each component of your digital marketing sales funnel is correctly configured, you will have a revenue engine that makes you feel like you're printing cash.


Improve Your Brand’s Messaging

The next way we help you grow your business is by clarifying your messaging. Humans are wired for story. The narrative and context of how you help your customers - your true story - needs to be the core focus of your storybrand messaging. We'll help you craft a brand messaging framework that is clear, honest, and powerful at engaging with your customers and building customer loyalty.


Generate More Great Leads

Your business simply can't grow without new customers. Lead Generation requires a sophisticated, strategic approach. This is our specialty. There's a massive market out there filled with people who love your company and need your products. We help companies get more leads, and we engineer pipelines that consistently generate high quality leads of the right kind of customers, filtering out the bad leads that aren't the right fit, who seek to drain your time and resources.


Monitor Your Marketing Performance

What you inspect gets respect and what you measure tends to grow. Part of building a proper sales funnel is to design it with sensors in place to signal when it's working brilliantly or if it needs improvement. We help companies measure the performance of the sales funnels so that the Key Performance Indicators are closely watched.

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Understand Your Results

There's nothing worse than investing in your business and wondering if it is even working or not. We help companies understand the results they are achieving with frequent reports and one-on-one communication sessions to keep you informed of exactly what's going on with your sales funnel.

Stop wasting time, money, and resources on a broken marketing system and begin improving how well you do what matters.

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Digital Marketing Funnels

An expertly crafted sales funnel consists of Landing Page, Email Marketing Campaigns, and a Lead Generation Strategy.

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Telling your story the right way is the key to customer engagement and retention.

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Our SEO approach is to focus on growing visibility in organic search engine results.


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