Valliwide Marketing

About the project

Valliwide Marketing needed a new Website Design.

They also wanted to feature profiles of local growers and highlight a harvest calendar.

So, Worldlight Media (WLM) both designed and developed a new website for Valliwide Marketing that both features local growers and highlights a harvest calendar.



Valliwide Marketing is a network of small, local, family-owned organic farmers located in California’s Central Valley.

They provide fresh, organic produce to wholesalers, retailers, and customers.

Valliwide’s extensive network of farmers provides vast varieties of stone fruit all season long.

They thrive on relationships built on both honesty and integrity and provide quality products and services.

If you want organic products grown with love by Central Valley families, then you’ll want to reach out to Valliwide Marketing.


Owner Tod Parkinson has been growing fruit most of his life. He’s been marketing, selling and bringing farmers together in partnership since 1992.

In 1999, Tod represented his first organic farmer and his personal conviction and love for organic farming developed. He began to see the need for environmental sustainability, as well as digestive health.

Tod’s wife, Traci, joined the business in 1994. She brought both office and financial management skills from years in the banking industry.

Traci is just as passionate as Tod about organic farming and the need to support local farmers.

The Parkinson duo delights in representing Central Valley Family Farmers who care about the health, welfare, and environment of our community.

At Valliwide Marketing, making money isn’t the most important thing.

The most important thing at Valliwide is respecting the need for both sustainability and the livelihood of our employees, consumers, and future generations.

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