First Fruits by Valliwide Organic

About the project

First Fruits by Valliwide Organic needed both a new website and logo design.

They also wanted strategic branding and content.

So, Worldlight Media created a brand new website.

Furthermore, WLM worked with Valliwide Organic to develop strategic branding including a long-term plan to support their goals. Because all aspects of business are directly connected to both consumer needs and emotions and competitive environments.

Since Valliwide was built on strong values, Worldlight Media emphasized two of their core values – organic growing and giving back to the community.


Valliwide grows organically, so they can give generously.

They grow to give.

Valliwide Organic donates profits to the non-profit charity, When I Grow Up. It’s an organization with a strong mission – to fight global poverty and change futures for children.

They are both a family owned and operated business.

Valliwide dreams big, because they want to help create bright futures for the next generation.

They donate a large percentage of profits to charities. For example, ones that both fight extreme poverty and provide local scholarships.

What’s more? Valliwide Organics gives back to their employees.

First Fruits by Valliwide Organic believes making money isn’t the most important thing.

Most important is respecting the need for both sustainability and the livelihood of others.

Tod & Traci Parkinson founded Valliwide Organic Farms. They have owned and operated a Produce Marketing Company, Valliwide Marketing, since 1992.

The Marketing company transitioned from conventional farming to only organic produce in 2010 because they began to see the growing demand for organic produce, and the farmers they worked with expressed interest.

The Parkinson’s became involved with the charity, When I Grow Up, donating personally but also going on trips to visit the children in Kenya, Haiti, and Guatemala.

First Fruits by Valliwide Organic
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