9 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Partner Agency for your HubSpot Onboarding

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HubSpot is a very powerful tool to have at your disposal. But proper onboarding is required to realize its fullest potential so that you receive maximum benefit. While HubSpot requires onboarding for any new customer, they give the option of either paying for onboarding directly to HubSpot, or hiring a Certified Hubspot Partner to do the onboarding. 

So what's the difference between HubSpot's onboarding versus a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner Agencies like WorldLight Media? The major difference is the level of service you receive. HubSpot provides "guided onboarding," meaning they provide you basic set up, then provide you with knowledge articles and tutorials. They point you in the right direction to customize your CRM yourself. Many partner agencies provide different levels of service. WorldLight Media's onboarding provides comprehensive, full-service customization. This includes strategic planning, set up, implementation, execution, and team training.

Strategically choosing the right Certified Partner Agency can provide your company with significant benefits. The benefits directly relate to these 10 compelling reasons to choose a partner agency for your HubSpot onboarding:

1. Save Time

HubSpot provides all the resources you need to figure out implementation on your own. But doing it on your own can be time consuming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the platform. You save a lot of your valuable time by working with experts who already understand all the intricacies of HubSpot’s various components.

2. Reduce Frustration

You don't know what you don't know. Learning and implementing new systems, platforms, and processes can be frustrating and stressful when you're on your own. Especially when day to day operations must continue even during the onboarding process. Your ideal HubSpot Partner agency should be experts, and no one what pitfalls to avoid. They should make that onboarding process less stressful with their expertise.

3. Reduce Mistakes

It’s simple truth that an expert makes fewer mistakes than a novice. Working with a HubSpot expert helps you avoid common mistakes made during onboarding as well as reduce the potential for future mistakes.

4. Reduce Your Learning Curve

Let’s face it, you don’t need to know everything about HubSpot. You just need to know what applies to you. A HubSpot Solutions Partner can filter out the unnecessary information and fast-track your learning by helping you focus on what’s relevant to your business.

5. Maintain Legal Compliance

There are legal requirements involved when you collect personal data from prospects and customers in the digital marketing and sales process. Working with a partner familiar with the legalities of digital marketing gives the assurance that you are maintaining the legal compliance that protects both you and your customers.

6. Improve Your Sales and Marketing Processes

Working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner doesn’t just improve your onboarding process, it also can improve your overall sales and marketing processes. When each piece of the puzzle gets better, so does the whole. WorldLight Media specializes in implementing Revenue Operations models that create collaboration between your sales, marketing, and service departments.

7. Single Source for Setup and Ongoing Execution

The relationship with your HubSpot partner doesn’t end with the onboarding process and neither do the benefits you receive. You maintain seamless ongoing support by having both setup and ongoing execution under one roof.

8. Increase ROI

Quicker and more effective setup as well as more thorough use of a powerful tool like HubSpot leads to better return on your investment. Typically, working with a HubSpot Partner agency more than pays for itself in terms of results and revenue.

9. Remove the Guesswork

The ability to measure results is one of the basic foundations of HubSpot. Partner agencies help you clearly define and understand your metrics, giving you an objective way to analyze how things are working out. No more guessing needed.

Choose a Partner Agency for your HubSpot Onboarding

As a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, we are certainly biased, but the reasons to choose a partner agency for your HubSpot onboarding speak for themselves. And we’ve seen them come to fruition time and time again with our clients.

We invite you to get in touch to talk more in-depth about HubSpot onboarding for your business. Call us at (559) 9-DESIGN, or you can click here to use our convenient online form to ask for more information.

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