Medical Ministries International

About the project

Medical Ministries International (MMI) needed both website design and development.

They needed a way to accept online donations, as well as a way to provide more information about their mission.

Additionally, Medical Ministries International aimed to provide both volunteer opportunities and a way for people in need to request services.

So, Worldlight Media designed and developed a brand new website with a way for them to accept online donations.

With the valuable content added by Worldlight Media, it explains more about MMI’s Mission and clearly directs people in need to MMI’s services.


About Medical Ministries International

Medical Ministries International is a Christian organization. Their purpose is to provide hope in underserved countries by providing people with both needed medical supplies and equipment.

Tens of millions of children under the age of five, worldwide, do not receive basic health care making MMI very passionate about their mission.

Millions die from treatable ailments, annually, due to lack of basic medical supplies.

Medical Ministries International has shipped medical supplies to 23 countries.

Over the past 20 years, MMI has sent over 50 containers of medical supplies and equipment.

The contents of each container was valued between $450,000 – $500,000. These 900 tons of materials would likely have been a part of a local landfill.

Shipment destinations included: Laos, DR Congo, India, Philippine Islands, Tonga, Haiti, and the Solomon Islands.

MMI needs volunteers in order to provide hope to more people through medical aid.

Both medical and non-medical volunteers are needed. Volunteers help sort and pack medical supplies on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Clovis Warehouse.

MMI needs both warehouse and construction volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Cedar Warehouse.

They also need donations.

MMI needs both hospitals and clinics, plus local physicians, to donate surplus medical supplies and equipment.

It’s easy to do. Furthermore, it’s a better option than discarding supplies into a landfill.

If your hospital needs medical supplies and equipment, then you can partner with MMI.

If your mission group would like to deliver medical supplies, then visit their website for more information.

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