Athlete Fitness Equipment

About the project

Athlete Fitness Equipment needed both Website Design and Development.

They also wanted to highlight hundreds of products for consumers in order to help valued customers navigate well through their online experience.

So, Worldlight Media created an online catalog of their products in addition to designing and developing a brand-new website.



At Athlete Fitness Equipment (AFE), they do more than just sell fitness equipment.

Athlete Fitness works closely with each individual client to ensure they have everything needed to accomplish their fitness goals.

AFE’s team of fitness professionals are committed to providing both quality equipment and expert advice.

Customers walk away with knowledge and confidence so they can surpass their goals.

The AFE Difference

The Athlete Fitness team believes health is of utmost importance.

Their mission? Encouraging others to improve their quality of life, not just for a short time, but also for the rest of their lives.

AFE offers many types of equipment. With so many different price points, choosing can be stressful.

However, the AFE team understands and are more than happy to go over options with their customers.

The Athlete Fitness team can describe features in each of the different models they offer.

AFE believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice either quality or reliability to find the right price.

So, you can be sure AFE’s consultants will make it easy for you to find the right equipment for both your needs and budget.

Be sure to take your workout gear when you visit because everything is plugged in and ready to try!

You can expect excellent service and delivery after the purchase of your new equipment.

Athlete Fitness delivers, assembles, installs, and services all products they sell through their exclusive sister company, Califitness, Inc.

They want you to succeed!

Athlete Fitness Equipment
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