Value Based Pricing Strategies

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May 3rd, 2021

Some say pricing is the most important aspect of your business…
Do you think that is true?

This episode is a spinoff of a previous podcast – Art and Commerce… where we talked about the nuances of being both an artist and a business owner, where your talent and your craft are also a service that you provide for other people.
One of the interesting discussions that emerged in that conversation was the question of “how do you price your work?
In this episode we answer that question as well as all of these questions:

  • Why a Value-Based Pricing Strategy is the best for both you and your client
  • How does Value-Based Pricing work?
  • Will a Value-Based Pricing Strategy work for any business?
  • Do Business Owners Resist This Type of Strategy?
  • Are Fashion Designers using a Value-Based Pricing Strategy?
  • How do you prove you’re worth the fees you’re charging?

We also talk about the 3 things you need to figure out before using a Value-Based Pricing Strategy:
1. You have to be 100% clear when it comes to Brand Positioning
2. You have to turn away business that is outside of your niche.
3. Value is almost always measured in dollars

Additional Resources and links mentioned in the podcast:

Make sure you visit Sound Finish at their website: Special Thanks to Andrew Walter








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