The Podcast about Podcasts - Part 2

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March 7th, 2022

March 14th, 2022

Welcome to Season 2!

Have you been thinking about starting up your own podcast for you or your business? Tune in as we kick off season 2 of Extremely Valid Points with a podcast about podcasting!

What you can expect from us in season 2:

  1. More guests!
  2. More Topical Series (Check out season 1 series Bad Bosses, Sales Funnels, & Branding )


Why Consider Video Podcast Marketing:

  • Currently the fastest-growing form of content marketing.
  • Google is indexing videos now. So it’s great for SEO
  • Video can boost engagement
  • Great way to build relationships with people in a consumer-driven society
  • Reach more people in a scalable way
  • More authentic and relatable way to market to the target audience
  • The era of zoom has made room for less professional production


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