The Podcast about Podcasts - Part 1

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March 7th, 2022

Season 2!!!  

Have you been thinking about starting up your own podcast for you or your business? Tune in as we kick off season 2 of Extremely Valid Points with a podcast about podcasting!

What you can expect from us in season 2:

  1. More guests!
  2. More Topical Series (Check out season 1 series Bad Bosses, Sales Funnels, & Branding )


Why Consider Video Podcast Marketing:

  • Currently the fastest-growing form of content marketing.
  • Google is indexing videos now. So it’s great for SEO
  • Video can boost engagement
  • Great way to build relationships with people in a consumer-driven society
  • Reach more people in a scalable way
  • More authentic and relatable way to market to the target audience
  • The era of zoom has made room for less professional production


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