Sales Funnels Part-4: Lead Nurturing Emails

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April 19th, 2021

This is the fourth part of our four-part series on Sales Funnels. In this episode, we discuss Lead Nurturing, what to do with all the leads you get from everything you’ve learned so far, and how to close those leads, converting those to customers.


5 Stages of the buying Process: 


1 Exploring What Is your customer thinking about when they go looking for your product or service? What motivates them to find you? 


Have Great Content on your website. Social Media Advertising, Google Ads, etc.

Offer a free download in exchange for their email. 

Email: Contact them to thank them for their interest and welcoming them to your 

2 Gathering What questions do your leads ask? What types of features or selling points are they researching? 


Add value to your lead by offering them more free education content 

Emails: Training/ Teaching/ Tips and Pointers / Features of your product or service

3 Deciding If a lead is shopping around, what reasons might they choose you over someone else? Price? Value? Specific Features of your product? 


Consider asking for the sale 

Ask – “Jim, we noticed that you downloaded our free guide. Do you have any questions that we might be able to answer for you?

Emails: Offer a take action promotion. 

4 Customer Know that some people may take a week, a month or a year before their ready to enter into this buying stage. 


Purchase reminders: Left an item in the checkout, Notify them an item is back in stock, or that a price was reduced on something

5 Champion This is when your customer becomes an advocate for your brand. They tell others about you and are willing to refer their friends and loved ones to you too. 


Continue to engage with your customer. Tell them about what’s new in your business or when you’re offering new products or services. 

Keep them happy! These are also the easiest people to continue to sell to because you’ve already won the know like trust battle. 

Emails: upselling, Present related items to something they already purchased

Invite customer to write a review, give them an opportunity to share an offer with a friend, 

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