How to use Consumer Feedback to Strengthen your Brand Position

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March 1st, 2021

Our very first episode was actually not supposed to be our first episode. We went into the studio to do a “test recording” just as a practice run. We wanted to try out our format to see if worked and we wanted to test our new recording equipment.

After we started recording, our conversation organically developed to a point where we had made a few Extremely Valid Points, hence we were “on brand”  and so we decided to run with it.

We talk about creativity, business, marketing, film, vision, brand positioning, data driven decisions,  product testing, AI, logo design, web design, social media, video production, The Wizard of Oz, Russel Wilson,  Amazon, Fabletics, and MasterClass.

So, enjoy our first podcast in its extremely raw form, unscripted, with plenty of audio issues and lots of mistakes we hadn’t yet learned not to do. We hope you find it helpful!









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