The Importance of Clean Code

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It’s running in the background, and most people will never see it, however, we cannot stress the importance of clean code enough.

Writing clean code is a sign of professionalism and pride in the work. Clean code makes collaborating with others easier. It’s easier to maintain, and it makes it easier to modify, revise, and improve things in the future.

Imagine you are building a house. Ideally, the plumber puts all the water supply and drainage pipes in using conventional methods that any other plumber will understand and be able to maintain in the future.

And if the homeowner decides to do a remodel later, that clean initial plumbing installation makes the renovations easier — and perhaps less costly — as well.

The same is true with clean code for your digital marketing.

If the person writing code for your website does a messy job, it’s going to be harder to properly maintain and upgrade the site as needed.

If they aren’t consistent in their structure, formatting, and naming, for example, maintenance can become a nightmare.

And if something goes wrong … which it often does with messy code … it can mean extra time and expense to clean it up and fix it.

Do It Right the First Time or Pay More Later

If the plumber took short cuts and didn’t do things right when your house was being built, you’re going to incur extra expense to make them right later. You often have to open walls to get proper access to fix and upgrade plumbing.

And that takes more time and expense in repairing the walls in addition to the actual plumbing work.

Again, the same is true with your digital code.

Ideally, a developer will write clean code the first time around. Then it’s easier to add new features, fix bugs, or make other improvements in the future.

If your project didn’t have clean code to start with, it will be more of an investment to make necessary changes later.

We Can Help

At WorldLight Media, we understand the importance of clean code, and we take pride in doing things right … right from the start. However, if yours wasn’t clean to start with, we can still help you now.

Contact us to learn more.

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