6 Blog Mistakes to Avoid

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While there are a lot of factors that can make your blog post successful, there are also a lot that can make it fail miserably. So here are 6 blog mistakes to avoid.

  1. Confusing Headlines
  2. The title of your blog post is the first thing a reader sees. It’s supposed to draw them in to read your post, not scare them away. If you have a confusing headline that doesn’t tell readers what kind of post they’re about to read, then they probably won’t read it. Give your blog posts specific titles that make it clear what the topic is.

  3. Never Linking Elsewhere
  4. Linking to another blog post of yours or to a different website can help your blog post to feel more full. You can use it to help prove a point, to site where you get your information from, and to help your SEO ranking.

  5. Writing Too Formally
  6. I’m not saying you should have misspelled words and poor grammar, but you should write like you talk. If you’re writing a blog post like you would a school paper, then it won’t capture the readers’ attention. If you’re writing how you would talk then the reader feels like they’re having a conversation with you. This is an easy way to connect with your readers and hold their attention for longer periods of time.

  7. No Data
  8. Using data in your blog posts to prove a fact is much more compelling than just making a statement with no proof. For example, “68% of readers only read the headlines,” or “Readers probably don’t read what you write.” Obviously, the first one is more believable and interesting. (Also, that’s not a real fact – I just made it up.) Make sure you site your data or people will be skeptical.

  9. Posting Too Little
  10. In order for your blog to really take off, blog posts have to be consistent. You can’t just post once a month and call it good. Once a week at the least, but really it’s better to have two or three posts a week. It’s also important to post these blog posts around the same time every week. Your followers will start to expect a blog post around that time, and you don’t want to disappoint them.

  11. Not Sharing on Social Media
  12. Social media is a very easy way to get your blog post out there, and by not sharing it, you may as well have not written it. Unless your blog is one of the best optimized posts for SEO or you already have a lot of followers, then not many people will see it. Sharing it on social media can really give your viewership numbers a boost.

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