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Q: A lot of people have basic Web design skills now. Why shouldn’t we use a recent college graduate who has these skills?

A: We do find that this is one of the most common scenarios we are presented with. Our answer is that design skills are only a very small part of website development.

The process we go through in designing a site is exhaustive. Firstly, there are a series of meetings with clients to establish exactly what they want and need the site to do. Once the objectives of the site are clearly outlined, we research the target market and assess their requirements for such a site. We then establish a focus group of the target market that assists in the development of the site. This group completes a series of surveys to identify issues such as load time, copy effectiveness, navigational ease, and the quality of product presentation and overall design success.

In close consultation with our clients, we then move on to complete the look and ‘feel’ of the site.

The wording of the site is completed by an experienced copywriter. The copy is developed in association with the client and our expert Internet Marketer to ensure that the site will place as high as possible in Search Engines, if this is relevant, and to ensure its relevancy. Privacy commitments are then included into the site (again, research shows that privacy is the biggest concerns for Internet users).

Our Security Expert is brought in to try to ‘crack’ the site code, access databases, etc to ensure a high level of security is provided for the site.

The entire site is then reviewed via a complex process whereby a vast amount of technical information is gathered and assessed by our team.

Once the site passes a series of strict criteria, ranging from security issues, to navigational issues, to marketing issues, then the site is passed for hosting.

Clients are involved in the development of the site as much as possible, to ensure it meets the objectives set earlier and is a site of the highest standard.

Q: Once the site is up and running, what do I have to do to maintain it?

A: The site needs to be marketed on an ongoing basis. Fresh information also needs to be put into the site to keep it up to date and interesting. You can do this yourself if you have the resources available in-house, or we would be delighted to be of assistance.

Q: Is it important to get people to return to the site? If yes, how do you get them to return?

A: It is vital to have people return to the site again and again. Research indicates that people will feel more comfortable with your company and purchase products or services only after having visited the site seven times previously. To have people return to the site we have to reward them. Here are some of the strategies we use:
A truly enjoyable user experience designed to make browsing the website simple, yet engaging.
State of the art design and layout graphics that facilitate a breakdown of the common emotional and psychological resistance barriers.

Q: How much would it cost to staff an in-house professional webmaster?

A: $80,000 per year, full-time. $40,000 / year, part-time*.

Q: How much would it cost to staff an entire IT department?

A: $345,000 per year:
Tech support, manager, 1 designer, 2 programmers
45k + 70k + 80k + 150k = $345,000* would be required to produce the same result.

Q: How much does it cost to hire WorldLight Media instead?

A: Substantially less. We provide all of the experience and efficiency of an in-house team, yet you don’t have to manage us, provide for our benefits or sick-pay, deal with our complaints or wonder if you made the right decision in hiring us. You can simply trust us to do what we’ve done for dozens of others, and focus on growing your business!


*Salaries quoted are averages per year for competent, skilled workers as researched by

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  • Fellow web design business owners, beware of a scam targeting small businesses. I got an email this morning from someone wanting to order a website. He was using the name "Jeff Rouse" and said he owned an agricultural business in FL. After agreeing to do his project he asked for my cell phone number to arrange payment. He texted me from this number: 405-796-6041 which is an Oklahoma area code. Then he asked if he could pay twice more than the invoice amount and have me send the extra amount to his "private consultant". I refused, and he ceased responding. #scam I am posting it here so that if anyone Google's his name, phone number or other details, they can be informed. He said we wanted a site similar to be on the #Lookout!